GE Highlights Water Commitments on Building Sustainable Water Future

March 2016

In observance of World Water Day, GE participated in a White House Water Summit to build a sustainable water future through science and technology. GE-a premiere technology provider tackling tough, complex global water issues through innovation solutions-is also highlighting four water commitments over the next 10 years.

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Water-Energy Nexus: Business Risks and Rewards

January 2016

Water scarcity challenges industries around the world. Scarcer water, in turn, creates new challenges for energy supply because coal, oil, gas, and electricity production can require massive amounts of freshwater. This interdependency is known as the "water-energy nexus" and companies in water- and energy-intensive industries have an increasing interest in evaluating and managing emerging risks. This whitepaper by GE and Water Resources Institute looks at industries that face risks related to water and energy supply and emerging solutions to address their reliance on scarce resources.

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