Anaerobic Technology

Anaerobic Technology

Anaerobic technology is a viable way to reduce energy usage and control associated costs in many waste and wastewater treatment applications. By incorporating GE’s anaerobic technology... [read more]

Analytical Instruments

Oil-on-Water Monitoring & Detection

Leakwise* Oil-on-Water Monitoring & Detection

Leakwise oil-on-water monitoring and detection systems enable early detection and mitigation of water pollution events. Leakwise can detect oil sheens, monitor oil... [read more]

Ultrapure and Drinking Water TOC Analyzers

Ultrapure and Drinking Water TOC Analyzers

Sievers’ total organic carbon (TOC) analyzers provide accurate and reliable measurements for a wide range of applications, including water system monitoring, regulatory... [read more]

Wastewater TOC Analyzers

If the organic content of your industrial or waste water is unknown or highly variable, you need a TOC analyzer that can handle a wide range of sample matrices with... [read more]

Boiler Water Treatment

Internal Boiler Treatment Chemicals

Deposition can be a major problem in the operation of steam generating systems. The accumulation of material on boiler surfaces can cause problems like overheating... [read more]

Feedwater Treatment Chemicals

CorTrol* feedwater treatment chemicals scavenge oxygen and reduce corrosion in the feedwater circuit. This protects your equipment against oxygen pitting... [read more]

Steam Condensate Treatment

Corrosion can threaten the reliability and safety of critical steam equipment resulting in increased maintenance costs, reduced process runtime, and lower product quality... [read more]

Cooling Water Treatment

Deposition Control Programs

System scaling and deposition can cause many problems with your operation. GE’s deposition control products help battle the loss of heat exchanger capacity... [read more]

GenGard* Corrosion Treatment Programs

GE’s corrosion treatment programs can be applied across the entire pH spectrum and will ensure uncompromising results even under the most stressful conditions... [read more]

Spectrus Microbiological Control

Industrial cooling systems are prime environments for microbiological activity including both planktonic and sessile growth. Without microbiological control... [read more]

Dust Control

CoalPlus* Anti-Oxidants and Binder

CoalPlus is a unique program of patented anti-oxidants, dust control binders and high performance foam application systems. We “body feed” the anti-oxidants and binders... [read more]

PowerTreat* Coal Dust Control

Coal oxidation causes material loss and fuel degradation. To maximize the value of your resources, GE’s new PowerTreat portfolio helps prevent fugitive dust emissions... [read more]


Electrodeionization (EDI)

Remove residual salts and other aqueous species from your water with up to 18 MOhm-cm resistivity... [read more]

Electrodialysis Reversal (EDR)

If your source water is challenging due to high total suspended solids (TSS) or high silica, electrodialysis reversal (EDR) for drinking water can provide high water... [read more]

Electrodialysis (ED) and Bipolar Electrodialysis (BPED)

Valuable constituents are often lost in waste streams, but GE’s Electromat* technology can help... [read more]

Filters & Membranes

Depth Filter Cartridges

Many cartridges claim to be depth filters with superior dirt holding capacity. But to be a true depth filter cartridge, it must retain a wide range of different sized... [read more]

Pleated Filters

GE is your complete source for pleated filters with a broad range of fiber and membrane materials in the industry. GE’s pleated filters feature polypropylene, Halar... [read more]

Silt Density Index (SDI) and Sepa Test Equipment

You need to clearly understand how your system is performing. With GE’s silt density index (SDI) test equipment, and Sepa scale-up process equipment, you can get the... [read more]

Spiral Wound Membranes

GE’s spiral wound membrane elements cross the spectrum of membrane including reverse osmosis (RO), nanofiltration (NF), ultrafiltration (UF), and... [read more]

Fuel Treatment

FuelSolv - Fuel Treatment Chemicals

GE’s fuel treatment chemicals help increase fuel efficiency, minimize maintenance costs, and protect equipment from failure due to corrosion. These fuel... [read more]

Hydrocarbon Treatment

Antifoulant Chemical Treatments

Process equipment fouling in oil refineries and petrochemical industries is an on-going, tenacious, and extremely costly problem. Severe economic and operational... [read more]

Corrosion Inhibitors

Proper chemical treatment is essential to prevent corrosion in critical and complex production units for hydrocarbon and chemicals processing... [read more]

Emulsion Breakers

In chemical production or hydrocarbon refining facilities, many units are designed to extract impurities, control foaming, and separate hydrocarbons from aqueous-based... [read more]

Hydrogen Sulfide Scavengers

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) scavengers are widely used in hydrocarbon and chemical processing facilities. These specialized chemicals react selectively with and remove H2S... [read more]

SpecAid* Finished Product Additives

Petroleum refiners and marketers spend millions of dollars on additives to help meet finished fuel quality specifications. Many traditional finished product additivess... [read more]

Membrane Chemicals

Membrane Chemicals

Reverse osmosis (RO) membrane performance can be negatively impacted by impurities that build up on the membrane surface during operations. GE’s membrane chemicals... [read more]

Membrane Anti-scalants

RO systems creates salt concentrated water streams that could produce scale or fouling, while “the narrow feedwater channel found in your spiral wound and hollow fiber elements accentuates scaling and fouling”...[read more]

Membrane Cleaners

Successful membrane cleaning relies on both the effectiveness of the cleaning compounds, their professional application and the design and operation of the cleaning equipment. GE can offer suggestions on cleaning system design...[read more]

Membrane Biological Control

Reverse osmosis (RO) systems are favorable environments for microorganisms to thrive. GE’s Biomate* products are non-oxidizing biocides that are highly effective in reducing bacterial growth...[read more]

Membrane Pretreatment

Feedwater to membrane systems often have been pretreated with chlorine to retard microbiological growth. This chlorine, however, can irreversibly damage many thin-film composite membranes...[read more]

Mobile and Outsourced Water

Build, Own, Operate (BOO) and Water Outsourcing

Build, Own, Operate (BOO) service contracts enable you to focus on your core operations while GE runs your water treatment system. GE guarantees water quality and... [read more]

Mobile Water Treatment Systems

Whether a scheduled outage or an emergency need, your operations need guaranteed water quality and quantity. Complying with environmental regulations and handling... [read more]

Service Deionization (SDI)

GE’s service deionization (SDI) products provide pure water from 1.0 to 18.2 MegOhm. They require no permanent installation, chemical handling, or customer maintenance... [read more]

Monitoring & Services

InSight Knowledge Management Solution

InSight enables harnessing the “collective expertise” of both GE people and our customers … [read more]

Lifecycle Services

From remote monitoring and diagnostics platforms to on and off-site personal support, you can be confident that our Lifecycle Services team will help you achieve the lowest... [read more]

Service Reliability Center

In the real world things go wrong; process events happen, conditions change and human errors occur. When they do, visualizing them early on and taking prompt corrective... [read more]

TrueSense* for Cooling Water Treatment

Cooling water is an enabler of production assets. Cooling system performance for operational efficiency, asset preservation, water conservation, and environmental compliance... [read more]

Reverse Osmosis

BEV Series Reverse Osmosis

GE’s BEV Series reverse osmosis is specifically designed for production of ingredient water for carbonated soft drinks (CSD), juices, bottled water and non-carbonated... [read more]

E-Series Reverse Osmosis

E-Series reverse osmosis offers complete, pre-engineered, standardized solutions to meet your water filtration requirements, saving you money and ensuring reliability... [read more]

High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis (HERO)

Consistent UPW quality is critical to semiconductor and microelectronics plants. GE’s modular UPW plant, featuring HERO technology, answers that need with predesigned... [read more]

Integrated Pump and Energy Recovery (IPER)*

The IPER system is an Integrated Pump and Energy Recovery device for a 1,000 m3/day SeaPRO seawater reverse osmosis system. IPER is a highly efficient... [read more]

PRO Series Reverse Osmosis

You need a robust water system that is up and running quickly at your facility. The PRO Series platform is manufactured at various plants across the globe to decrease... [read more]

PRO E-Cell Series

The PRO E-Cell Series is designed for ultrapure makeup water used in combined cycle gas turbine power systems and steam turbines. Other applications include use with... [read more]

Seawater Packaged Desalination

It is vital for customers in water-scarce regions to achieve and maintain low operating costs. GE's SeaPRO seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) series solves your... [read more]

Tonkaflo* Centrifugal Pumps and Housings

GE’s high-pressure, multi-stage, centrifugal Tonkaflo pumps are ruggedly built to meet requirements for high-temperature performance, chemical compatibility... [read more]

Ultrafiltration & Reverse Osmosis - PROPAK & RePAK*

The PROPAK and RePAK systems combine GE’s vast technical experience in ultrafiltration (UF) and reverse osmosis (RO) into one integrated platform. Each system has... [read more]


FoodPro* Soft Water Chemicals

GE’s line of environmentally friendly molybdate-free chemicals prevent soft water corrosion in sterilizers and pasteurizers used in the food and beverage industry... [read more]

Thermal and ZLD

Pure product concentrators and crystallizers

GE’s specialized evaporative and crystallizer technology is designed for the unique needs of manufacturing and industrial processes. From concentrating caustic soda to... [read more]

SAGD Water Evaporators

GE offers a steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) produced water evaporator system with high on-stream availability that reduces downtime and is robust enough to... [read more]

Wastewater Evaporators

GE’s wastewater evaporators turn waste into clean water that can be reused or stored for ongoing industrial or drilling operations. Whether as a central site or mobile... [read more]

Zero-Liquid-Discharge (ZLD) Crystallizers

In order to meet stringent zero liquid discharge (ZLD) requirements, environmentally conscience companies are turning to advanced technologies that eliminate wastewater... [read more]

Ultrafiltration & Membrane Bioreactors

Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)

LEAPmbr* builds on 25 years of membrane bioreactor experience to deliver the most advanced MBR solution to date. It dramatically lowers energy costs, increases productivity... [read more]

Packaged Systems for Water and Wastewater Treatment

Ideal for flows from 50 gallons per day to 5 million gallons per day, GE’s packaged systems produce safe, reliable product water, while significantly reducing capital... [read more]

ZeeLung* Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor

Removing nutrients and organics from sewage is a critical element of wastewater treatment. It’s one that uses over half of the energy demand in wastewater treatment... [read more]

ZeeWeed Hollow Fiber Membranes

GE’s ZeeWeed ultrafiltration (UF) hollow-fiber membranes are designed with a robust life expectancy, giving you confidence in your water treatment system’s operation... [read more]

ZeeBlok 500 Immersed Ultrafiltration

Upgrade or convert to MBR within an existing footprint, no matter the configuration... [read more]

Upstream Oil & Gas Chemicals

Flow Assurance

GE offers a full solution flow assurance service to ensure the successful and cost-effective flow of hydrocarbon streams from the reservoir to the point of sale. GE’s best-in-class... [read more]

Asset Integrity

GE’s comprehensive Asset Integrity chemical and engineered solutions, together with years of expertise, allows us to offer site-specific solutions to effectively address corrosion... [read more]

Product Optimization

To achieve production optimization, it is prudent to put in an effective phase separation program to address the formation of emulsions and foam . The program can also address... [read more]

Wastewater Treatment

ABMet for Selenium Removal

GE’s advanced biological metals (ABMet) removal system enables customers to meet the strictest effluent selenium requirements in one simple step. It is the only... [read more]

Antifoam – Foam Control Chemical Treatment

GE offers a full line of FoamTrol* antifoam treatment programs to handle all your unique foaming issues. In addition, we provide automatic feed equipment and monitoring... [read more]

Coagulants and Flocculants - Custom Designed Polymers

GE’s exclusive blend of custom-designed polymers help remove organic color, iron, suspended solids, calcium, and magnesium hardness from influent water. The polymer... [read more]

Metals Removal for Industrial Wastewater

Metals in waste streams don't naturally degrade and are toxic to aquatic life, even at low concentrations. GE provides wastewater treatment programs for industrial... [read more]

ProSweet Odor Control Chemicals

Whether you process water for public consumption, treat wastewater, or run industrial processes in which water purity is essential, control of objectionable odors is... [read more]

Wastewater Bioaugmentation Products

Controlling organic contaminants is a key objective of many wastewater treatment plants. Ensuring the healthy growth of beneficial microorganisms is critical to the... [read more]