Reduce total selenium to low single-digit ppb levels with a single step process

GE’s ABMet process enables customers in the Power (FGD), Mining and other industries to meet the strictest selenium discharge limits in one simple step with minimal operating costs and operator attention. In addition, ABMet removes nitrate and metals including mercury and arsenic.

ABMet’s innovative seed culture, specially formulated nutrient, and biofilter design provide one time seeding, fast startup, and reliable performance.

With 17 years of experience, development, and a proven global installation base, ABMet is trusted for selenium removal.

Selenium Removal ABMet Removal System

ABMet Features

ABMet for FGD Wastewater

  • Proven solution to consistently meet discharge limits in EPA’s proposed ELG for FGD wastewater
  • Effective nitrate removal
  • Effective mercury and arsenic polishing
  • Non-hazardous waste solids easily processed by the Phys-Chem solids handling system
  • Direct discharge without pre or post treatment
  • Proven performance at TDS concentrations greater than 35,000 mg/l

ABMet for Mining Waters

  • Modular pre-fabricated design for installation in remote locations
  • Direct discharge without pre-treatment or post-treatment
  • Remote process monitoring with GE’s Insight platform
  • Only one consumable product (all-in-one nutrient product)
  • Low volume solids waste to non-hazardous disposal
  • Performance at temperatures down to 4°C (39°F) and effluent selenium down to below 4 µg/l

GE's ABMet removes selenium at AEP

AEP’s Mountainer power station uses ABMet for flue gas desulpherization in their wastewater and landfill leachate.

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Achieve Compliance for FGD WW

A mini-webinar presenting the treatment options to meet ELG's and local regulations for FGD wastewater.

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What are ELG Regulations?

Product Manager, Nelson Fonseca, briefly discuses the ELG regulations and gives a specific example of how they limit FGD wastewater discharge.

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Coal mine removes toxic metals from wastewater using ABMet

Anglo American has selected GE’s ABMet technology to remove nitrate and selenium from wastewater discharge at its Peace River Coal Trend Mine.

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