High water recovery from a non-thermal brine concentrator

GE’s AquaSel system combines an industrial desalination unit and a concentration unit. The desalination unit is operated to typically remove 80%+ total dissolved solids (TDS) in the feed water; the concentration unit is specially designed to reduce waste stream volume from the system.

AquaSel is a breakthrough non-thermal desalination technology with extremely high water recovery. Significant research and development, along with GE’s leading expertise in industrial desalination and zero liquid discharge technologies, helped create AquaSel technology.

Industrial Desalination System AquaSel Desalination System

AquaSel Product Features

AquaSel is a commercial application designed to recover plant influent, utility water, or ingredient water concentrates with TDS levels up to 5,000 ppm. Specific, process or end-of-pipe water recovery applications are currently under development and include:

  • Tertiary treated membrane bioreactor (MBR) water
  • Acid mine drainage
  • Pre-treatment to reverse osmosis systems
  • Pre-concentrating for zero liquid discharge

What can GE’s AquaSel technology do for you?

  • Reduce wastewater volume by 10 to 50 times
  • Reduce fresh water intake by 10% to 20%
  • Minimize waste chemical and energy consumption
  • Help you meet sustainability and public image goals

Featured Video

Watch the CNBC Squawk Box interview with GE Water & Process Technologies CEO Heiner Markhoff at Singapore International Water Week 2012. Heiner talks about new energy efficient technologies available, including IPER.

Can AquaSel help your high water recovery needs?

Rising water costs? Reaching your limit for wastewater discharge? AquaSel may be the answer.

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Coca-Cola bottling plant uses AquaSel to increase water recovery

See how GE helped a bottling plant in Asia reach near Zero Liquid Discharge in their ingredient water room.

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