Remove impurities and control foaming with patented emulsion breakers

In chemical production or hydrocarbon refining facilities, many units are designed to extract impurities, control foaming, and separate hydrocarbons from aqueous-based fluids. Over the past decade, GE has developed patented products (oil-based, water-based, and silicone-based) for improving phase separation efficiency while reducing overall operating costs.

Hydrocarbon refining facilities

EmBreak Features

  • Maximized throughput and increased production
  • Improved product quality
  • Improved operational reliability
  • Lower overall energy costs
  • Improved environmental, health, and safety compliance
  • Increased profits resulting from higher ash removal efficiency

EmBreak saves refinery $350K; reduces environmental impact

Read how GE helped a North America refinery that was experiencing frequent brine quality issues. The solution resulted in improved salt and solids removal, as well as improved operating costs.

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Ethylene unit reduces cleaning costs and improves run lengths

An ethylene unit with poor separation of hydrocarbon and water in the quench water separator was upgraded, decreasing cleaning costs by 85%.

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ecomagination: the future is in all our hands

GE has pledged to invest in more green technologies while improving our own energy efficiency. This translates into more innovation for the world’s water needs.

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