Prevent corrosion by removing impurities in your crude oil with GE emulsion breakers

In the chemical and hydrocarbon processing industries, emulsion breakers are designed to extract impurities and salt from oil prior to refining it. For more than a decade, GE has been developing leading chemical treatment to improve phase separation efficiency and reduce overall operating costs.

Embreak features

GE's Embreak solution is an oil-based asphaltene stabilizer, specifically formulated for use in refinery desalter optimization and other oil/water separation equipment. Embreak is designed to:

  • Maximize throughput and increase production
  • Improve product quality and operational reliability
  • Lower overall cost and energy consumption
  • Improve environmental, health and safety regulatory compliance
  • Increase profit resulting from higher ash removal efficiency

GE technologies enable increased FCC residuum profits and annual profits of over $10 million

See how this US Gulf Coast refinery was able to successfully adopt an aggressive strategy of blending tight oils, including Eagle Ford (EF), to significantly increase profit margin and supply flexibility.

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Refinery improves recovered oil quality and reduces cost with GE slop oil program

See how this APAC refinery overcame frequent desalter downtime and oily desalter brine with help from GE.

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Hydrocarbon Processing magazine feature article

In this article, GE experts talk about the challenges and solutions involved in processing opportunity crudes, including the use of emulsion breakers.

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