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InSight combines advanced data and analytics to help water treatment professionals make better business decisions, eliminate unplanned downtime, and lower operating costs. Backed by GE’s Industrial Internet, InSight uses secure remote monitoring technology to get crucial information into the hands of the people who need it, ensuring your water and process operations run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Insight Analytics

InSight Features

Our Industrial Internet solution can help you:

  • Turn data from multiple sources into meaningful information
  • Visualize current conditions and their trajectory
  • Diagnose problems and discover opportunities for improvement
  • Alert your team to events or trends before they threaten asset production or integrity
  • Report on key performance indicators and their impact on business objectives

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Better Every Day

At GE, we're about big impacts that help transform your everyday. Learn how InSight can help optimize your water and process operations like never before.

Beverage plant optimizes operations

GE's InSight helps a customer reduce plant water consumption and reduce operational costs through an OnPoint Service Agreement.

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Targeted solutions for better decision-making

InSight Analytics are designed to achieve greater system efficiency, reduce operating costs and maximize production in specific water and process applications, including RO membranes, heat transfer system condensers, and more.

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Middle East oil & gas operator achieves operational efficiency and cost savings

The implementation of GE’s InSight has simplified and standardized the daily, weekly, and monthly reporting structures, eliminating the need for a number of redundant daily reports.

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