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Backed by GE’s Industrial Internet, InSight combines advanced data and analytics to help our customers make better business decisions, eliminate unplanned downtime and lower operating costs. Using our secure remote monitoring technology, InSight gets crucial information into the hands of the people who need it, ensuring your water and process operations run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

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InSight Knowledge Management Features

  • Multiple data capture modes that make it easy to get all the data necessary to visualize total system performance
  • Accessible via the web by all the people who need it, anywhere in the world
  • Simple dashboard layout of current conditions and key performance indicators that comprise the performance of an asset, a cluster of assets, or all the systems of an entire plant
  • Easy to deploy, low-cost wireless connectivity
  • Alarm functionality that enables corrective response before production is impaired or interrupted
  • Daily system reviews, alarm backup, diagnostics and technical support of dedicated analysts through GE’s Service Reliability Center
  • Tablet and smartphone apps to visualize and respond on-the-go
  • Simple yet visually informative and automated reports that are tailored to the individual needs and desires

Do you have wireless tank monitoring?

Data for chemical inventory and consumption is invaluable for a complete picture of system performance. Wireless ultrasonic sensors make deployment easy, fast and cost-effective.

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Access from your phone or tablet

Mobile devices are quickly becoming a standard tool in industrial environments. InSight’s mobile apps help people on-the-go get the actionable information they need.

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Easy wireless setup

GE’s wireless gateway is a fast, easy to deploy, and low cost means to connect InSight (formerly TrueSense*) with sensors and controllers.

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Refinery beats water scarcity with InSight

The June 2012 issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering details how a refinery met the challenges of water scarcity with an integrated solution based on InSight (formerly TrueSense).

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*A trademark of the General Electric Company. May be registered in one or more countries.