Quickly treat brackish water with reverse osmosis

You need a robust water system that is up and running quickly at your facility. The PRO Series platform is manufactured at various plants across the globe to decrease lead times. This means GE can help meet your region-specific needs for certification, operations, and maintenance.

PRO Series is a range of reverse osmosis (RO) machines and components such as multi-media filters, carbon filters, water softeners, chemical feed systems, tanks, and pumps. When combined, these components deliver a full-scale, configurable water system.

Commercial Reverse Osmosis System Commercial Water Filtration System

PRO Series RO Product Features

The PRO Series RO system offers quality standalone components in addition to complete integrated systems. With speedy response and reliability, GE can be your one source accountable for components, membranes, system performance, and more.

PRO Series is well suited for the following applications:

  • Industrial boiler feed water, 35 to 1500 gpm (8 to 341 m3/h)
  • Feedwaters with conductivity > 300 uS/cm and <10,000 uS/cm
  • Demineralizer pretreatment or replacement
  • General industrial process water

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Pulp and paper mill saved US$100,000 using PRO Series

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Sydney Airport recycles wastewater with GE’s MBR and PRO Series

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