Accelerate your project schedule with a pre-built desalination system

It is vital for customers in water-scarce regions to achieve and maintain low operating costs. GE's SeaPRO seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) series solves your desalination needs while optimizing operating costs. The SWRO series covers a range of customer applications, including boiler feedwater make-up, irrigation water, plant process water, and small community potable water demand.

For those applications with -challenging feedwater, GE’s SeaPAK systems combine ZeeWeed* ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis to maintain the quantity and quality of water needed.

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Packaged Desalination System Pre-built Desalination System

Seawater Packaged System Features:

  • Integrated energy recovery device to minimize energy consumption
  • Remote central control system – option to mount the control enclosure in a climate controlled environment
  • Vertically integrated solution – key components are manufactured by GE, providing single source accountability
  • Fast lead time on industrial scale desalination solutions
  • FRP membrane housings; Sched 80 PVC low pressure, duplex 2205 high pressure pipe pickled and passivated for corrosion resistance
  • SWRO media filtration, clean-in-place, and chemical feed options available

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Discover how GE is helping provide clean drinking water to 1.5 million people in Africa with desalination technology.

Desalting the Red Sea with GE’s SWRO

The Red Sea is difficult to treat due to high chlorides and high water temperatures, but GE’s SWRO solution helped to a meet a customer’s demands.

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Tata Chemicals maintains production with GE’s solution

When Tata Chemicals faced stopping production due to a lack of freshwater, GE solved the issue with seawater treatment.

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