High-pressure multi-stage centrifugal pumps and membrane element housings from GE are more than durable components. They are precision-engineered elements that play a critical role in customers' treatment systems.

Our ruggedly built multi-stage pumps meet your requirements for general water applications, high-temperature performance, chemical compatibility, or quiet operation. Because our pumps set industry standards for reliability and low overall lifecycle costs, you can let them work without having to worry. GE's world-class pumps come with stainless steel shells on every pump and options for Noryl™ impellers or stainless steel impellers.

Flow rates: 3-550 gpm (0.68-125 m3/h) per pump
30-500 psi discharge capability in each series of pumps
Options for series operation up to 900 psi, multiple connection options and 50 or 60 Hz operation

We apply those same high standards to our membrane element housings. These rigid and durable stainless steel components don't stretch under pressure, can withstand high temperatures without expanding and ensure a membrane seal with no buckling, twisting or leaking. You can choose from:

Four housing diameters (2", 2.5", 4" and 8")
Three end-cap variations
Multiple entry-port options
Three housing finishes
3A sanitary design housings, now available

You get housings that are quality certified by simulation of their performance in a membrane system. The housings are precision manufactured on CNC equipment to ensure the strongest side ports in the industry.

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