ABMet for Selenium Removal

Reduce total selenium concentration to below 5 ppb with a single step process

GE’s advanced biological metals (ABMet) removal system enables customers to meet the strictest effluent selenium requirements in one simple step. It is a system that captures and removes selenium directly within the biological reactor, eliminating the need to transform and transfer selenium to downstream processes for removal. The ABMet process provides customers with low operating costs and minimal operator requirements.

With 17 years of selenium removal experience and a proven global install base, ABMet is the trusted technology for selenium removal.

ABMet Features

GE’s proprietary ABMet technology is simple, proven and guaranteed.


  • Fully automated operation
  • Modular, scalable design
  • Single step gravity flow biofilter


  • 10 full-scale plants fully compliant
  • 30 successful pilot demonstrations operated globally
  • No post treatment requirements


  • Reduce total selenium concentration to below 4.7 ppb
  • Effluent BOD and TSS as low as 10 ppm
  • Performance at temperature down to 4°C


  • Optimized seed culture for fast start-up and one-time seeding.
  • Removes selenium via the innovative biofilter and specifically formulated seed culture

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Anaerobic Technology

Maximize plant efficiency and improve energy savings

Anaerobic technology is a viable way to reduce energy usage and control associated costs in many waste and wastewater treatment applications. By incorporating GE’s anaerobic technology and solutions, customers are transforming from using significant energy to becoming energy producers.

With technology advancement and global expertise, GE delivers advanced Anaerobic MBR (AnMBR) and Advanced Digestion solutions.

GE offers AnMBR and Advanced Digestion.

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Coagulants and Flocculants

Advanced polymers reduce sludge volume and improve influent water

GE’s exclusive blend of custom-designed polymers help remove organic color, iron, suspended solids, calcium, and magnesium hardness from influent water. The polymer water treatment helps eliminate the need for pH adjustment, decreases the load on demineralizers, increase filter throughput, and significantly reduces sludge volume.

Combined with other comprehensive wastewater treatment products, GE’s coagulants and flocculants make effluent waters acceptable for reuse or discharge.

Coagulant and Flocculant Features

  • Reduces fouling by solids, organics, microbiological materials and colloids
  • Increases settling rates
  • Reduces sludge volume
  • Improves efficiency in boiler and cooling systems
  • Improves the performance of scale inhibitors
  • Improves process operations
  • Produces cleaner, clearer drinking water

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Electrodialysis Reversal (EDR)

Recover more from your high total suspended solids (TSS) and high silica source water

If your source water is challenging due to high total suspended solids (TSS) or high silica, electrodialysis reversal (EDR) for drinking water can provide high water recovery, reducing the strain in water scarce areas.

Because of the polarity reversal design, EDR for wastewater reuse is a self-cleaning, durable membrane system ideal for turbid wastewater. EDR technology achieves high water recovery for water scarce areas and GE’s wastewater EDR systems reclaim more than 20 million gallons per day (75,000 m3/day) of wastewater for other uses.

EDR Product Features

  • High water recovery design efficiently processes source water and generates low concentrate volume for disposal
  • Rugged systems are less sensitive than reverse osmosis (RO) to particulates and metal oxides
  • Targets arsenic, fluoride, radium and nitrate removal for potable water applications
  • Long membrane life (typically 20+ years for potable water installations) for a lower cost of ownership
  • Chlorine-resistant membranes are tolerant to disinfection, allowing use on challenging waters
  • Wastewater reclamation reduces waste discharges and water use charges
  • Effectively treats rejects and blowdowns
  • Easy to control salt removal and product quality by adjusting amount of electricity applied to membrane stack

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Lower energy costs, increase productivity, and lower your footprint with our latest MBR

LEAPmbr* builds on 25 years of membrane bioreactor experience to deliver the most advanced MBR solution to date. It dramatically lowers energy costs, increases productivity, and offers a flexible design that can fit within a smaller footprint than conventional MBR technology. See how GE offers our wastewater treatment customers the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.

LEAP MBR Product Features

At its core, LEAPmbr uses our leading ZeeWeed* membrane while incorporating significant innovations that take wastewater treatment to the next level.

  • Boost your productivity15% with our latest ZeeWeed membrane.
  • Save on construction costs with a flexible design that reduces your membrane bioreactor footprint by 20%.
  • Simplify your design by reducing membrane aeration equipment and controls by 50%.
  • Reduce your operating costs with a 30% energy savings.
  • Have the confidence of the strongest, most reliable membrane in the industry.

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Mobile Water Treatment Systems

Deploying trailers to your pre-planned or emergency outage in less than 2 hours

Whether a scheduled outage or an emergency need, your operations need guaranteed water quality and quantity. Complying with environmental regulations and handling various influent waters, GE’s fleet of trailer-based systems can meet your scheduled, temporary, or emergency water needs. Even in the middle of the night, GE can deploy mobile water treatment systems within 2 hours (plus travel time).

Mobile Water Treatment Features:

GE's mobile water treatment solutions fall into four system categories: resin, membrane, filtration, and other water treatment. Routine applications include:

  • Clarifier by-pass / outage projects requiring total suspended solids (TSS) removal
  • Boiler feedwater to all levels of purity
  • Deoxygenation of feedwater
  • Condensate polishing
  • Total organic carbon (TOC) removal
  • Water recycling
  • Steam blow boiler make up
  • Water availability ahead of permanent plant commissioning
  • Special applications where improvements in water quality or quantity can provide value for your processes

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Metals Removal for Industrial Wastewater

Remove mercury, lead, and other heavy metals from your industrial waste streams

Metals in waste streams don't naturally degrade and are toxic to aquatic life, even at low concentrations. GE provides wastewater treatment programs for industrial facility operators to reduce heavy metals in waste streams to help ensure regulatory compliance. Metals that can be removed include soluble and/or particulate heavy metals, such as lead, copper, chromium, iron, manganese, mercury, nickel and zinc.

Metals Removal Product Features

  • Remove heavy metals from wastewater over a wide pH range
  • Reduce treatment costs
  • Helps meet regulatory requirements
  • Reduces potential for future remediation
  • Improves community health
  • Enables wastewater recycling for plant processes
  • Can be applied during normal treatment process or as a polishing agent for industrial wastewater treatment

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ProSweet Odor Control Chemicals

Meet odor emission requirements and improve your public image

Whether you process water for public consumption, treat wastewater, or run industrial processes in which water purity is essential, control of objectionable odors is a challenge that affects safety and production.

GE’s comprehensive package of ProSweet* chemical solutions and operational/engineering recommendations help manufacturing and municipal facilities mitigate or eliminate their odor emissions.

ProSweet Product Features

  • Controls sulfides and nuisance odors
  • Improves ambient air compliance to hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and nuisance odor requirements
  • Eliminates unpleasant and unsafe work environment associated with H2S
  • Controls wastewater odors without creating additional sludge in systems being treated
  • Maintains equipment integrity and prevents corrosion related maintenance costs

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Wastewater TOC Analyzer

Achieve better total organic carbon (TOC) recovery from your wastewater.

The Sievers InnovOx* TOC Analyzers help companies monitor, measure, and control the quality of their wastewater, environmental, and industrial process water. Using GE’s patented supercritical water oxidation (SCWO) technology, InnovOx analyzers are able to achieve excellent TOC recoveries, regardless of organic compounds or particulates in the sample. They handle challenging sample matrices – including brine, humic acid, and cellulose - with ease and minimal maintenance.

InnovOx Analyzer Product Features

  • Has a broad, dynamic linear range of 0.5 to 50,000 ppm
  • Measures NPOC, total inorganic carbon (TIC), total carbon (TC), and total organic carbon by difference (TIC-TC)
  • Offers fast start-up and easy operation through an intuitive color touch-screen interface
  • Requires minimal operator intervention and six-month preventive maintenance intervals
  • Enables remote monitoring via an Ethernet web-based browser interface in the lab unit
  • Allows operators to configure customized alarms and outputs in the online model

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ZeeWeed Hollow-Fiber Membranes

Reduce operating costs and maintain efficiency with a longer lasting membrane

GE’s ZeeWeed ultrafiltration (UF) hollow-fiber membranes are designed with a robust life expectancy, giving you confidence in your water treatment system’s operation and helping you comply with regulatory requirements.

ZeeWeed membranes are utilized for drinking water, wastewater, tertiary and water reuse applications, as well as industrial feedwater and reverse osmosis (RO) pretreatment. The advanced technology is operational in thousands of municipal, industrial, and commercial applications worldwide.

In addition to reduced site footprints, GE’s ZeeWeed membranes are capable of performing in virtually any raw water quality.

GE offers ZeeWeed 500, ZeeWeed 1000 and ZeeWeed 1500.

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Meet regulations by safely recovering wastewater for reuse or discharge

Safeguarding natural resources (like rivers, lakes, and more) is an important part of wastewater treatment solutions. As your business partner, GE helps customers meet ever increasing environmental, regulatory, and financial pressures.

What this means for you:

  • Leverage a complete set of solutions (chemical, equipment, and services) from one provider
  • Contribute to a sustainable water supply that reduces discharge by increasing reuse opportunities
  • Reduce energy consumption and footprint with innovative membrane solutions
  • Treat and clean severely impaired water
  • Improves uptime while reducing maintenance time and costs
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