GE Water Technologies Online MSDS/SDS Help

The GEWT KnowledgeCentral Online MSDS/SDS Search enables logged in customers to search on GE Water Technologies repository of Material Safety Data Sheets by material name or reagent code, and display a list of results.

If no match is found, the user can use the search options and text box on the results page to perform a second search, or can use the HOME link, to return to the KnowledgeCentral portal.

The search will result in a list of MSDS/SDSs sorted by material name or reagent code. The following fields are displayed:

  • #: An incremental number identifying each line
  • Checkbox: TA checkbox used to download, email, or add to clipboard the results
  • Reagent Code: If the line item is a reagent, the reagent code
  • Material Name: The name of the material described in the MSDS/SDS
  • MSDS/SDS Type: The MSDS/SDS type (ex. USA - Federal). Currently, only USA - Federal MSDS/SDSs are available via the GEWT KnowledgeCentral portal
  • Material Type: Reagent or product
  • Company Name: The original company name associated with this MSDS/SDS (GE Betz, GE Osmonics, Hercules, GE Water)
  • Issue Date: The last date this MSDS/SDS was updated

After displaying the list of MSDS/SDSs, you can download or email a single or multiple MSDS/SDSs within the list.

To download a single MSDS/SDS in Adobe PDF format, simply click on its name. Your web browser should download the MSDS/SDS and display it in PDF format. If your PC does not currently have the Adobe Acrobat Reader software, please download it from Adobe's website.To download multiple MSDS/SDSs displayed on your search result screen, simply check the boxes next to each MSDS/SDS you wish to download, and click the download icon (blue disk) in the upper right corner of your screen. This action will download all items checked as PDF files in a single ZIP archive file to your local PC in a location you specify.

To email one or many MSDS/SDSs, simply check the boxes next to the each MSDS/SDS you wish to email, and click the email icon (blue letter) in the upper right corner of your screen. You will be prompted to enter one to many email addresses separated by commas to email your selected MSDS/SDSs. Upon submitting, your MSDS/SDSs will be emailed as PDF files attached to an email message as a single ZIP archive file.

NOTE: Only GEWT Reagent and Product MSDS/SDSs in USA Federal format are available for search.

As a GEWT Customer, you are always welcome to contact us with any problem or concern by contacting GEWT Customer Service Center:1 (866) GEWATER1 (866) 439-2837