E-Series* Reverse Osmosis Systems

Pre-built reverse osmosis (RO) systems for your general industrial and commercial needs

Remove residual salts and other aqueous species from your water with up to 18 MOhm-cm resistivity

E-Series reverse osmosis offers complete, pre-engineered, standardized solutions to meet your water filtration requirements, saving you money and ensuring reliability. The machines fit flow requirements from 375 gpd to 288,000 gpd (0.06 m3/h to 45.4 m3/h). Ideal applications include car washes, office applications, product dilution or mixing, spot-free product rinses, restaurant and grocery, boiler feedwater, safe drinking water, process ingredient water, and ion exchange pre-treatment.

E-Series RO Features

GE’s RO systems offer reliability, ease of operation, cost savings, consistent water quality treatment, and improved removal of contaminants. Other E-Series RO benefits include:

  • Skid-mounted and ready to use with complete system delivery
  • No assembly; plug-and-play simplicity
  • Easy to order, with configure to order options
  • Complete factory support for any and all inquiries
  • Drawings and manuals available by contacting your GE sales representative

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RO involves the reversal of flow through a membrane from a high salinity, or concentrated, solution to the high purity, or "permeate", stream on the opposite side of the membrane. Pressure is used as the driving force for the separation.

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