Packaged Water & Wastewater Treatment Systems

Reduce onsite construction costs with fast and simple installation with packaged water and wasterwater systems

Ideal for flows from 50 gallons per day to 5 illion gallongs per day, GE's packaged systems produce safe, reliable product water, while significantly reducing capital and installation costs.

Packaged System Product Features

With a simple and expandable building-block design, GE’s packaged wastewater treatment plants can be quickly set up in virtually any location. They feature scalable treatment capacities that can be increased as wastewater treatment demand grows.

  • Pre-assembled, skid-mounted and factory-tested packaged systems with less requirements for installation and reduced onsite construction costs
  • Compact designs for easy integration into existing facilities
  • Completed engineering packages and quick delivery
  • Comprehensive cleaning capabilities for peak systems performance
  • Simple operation and maintenance requires minimal operator supervision
  • ZMOD systems for wastewater treatment and ZBOX and ZPAK* systems for drinking water and tertiary treatment
  • Optional side loading tank for plants with height restrictions

*Trademark of General Electric Company; may be registered in one or more countries

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