Pure Product Crystallizers

Purify chemicals and recover pure salts from waste streams

GE’s specialized evaporative and crystallizer technology is designed for the unique needs of manufacturing and industrial processes. From concentrating caustic soda to recovering sodium chloride, GE’s pure product equipment can help you deliver. The advanced technology features falling film and forced circulation evaporators and crystallizers, controlled suspension crystallizers, draft tube baffle crystallizers, and steam driven as well as mechanical vapor compression systems.

Pure Product Concentrator and Crystallizer Features

GE’s advanced technology is designed to help you:

  • Generate valuable K2SO4 fertilizer from a salt mine
  • Concentrate caustic soda (NaOH) to 50 and 99% purity
  • Recover pure, saleable NaSO4 from a battery manufacturing facility
  • Reduce coal mine wastewater treatment costs by recovering pure NaCl which can be sold as road salt

GE's pure product evaporators and crystallizers specialize in pure salt crystallization:

  • Caustic (NaOH) concentration and flaking
  • Pure salts – NaCl, CaCl2, Na2SO4
  • Potash salts/fertilizers - K2SO4, KCl, K2CO3, KOH

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