Steam Condensate Treatment with GE Steamate Technology

GE can help increase performance and reliability through corrosion control in steam condensate systems

Corrosion can threaten the reliability and safety of critical steam equipment, frequently taking the form of acid or CO2 corrosion, dissolved oxygen attack, erosion or flow-assisted corrosion, and/or downtime/storage corrosion. If left untreated, ongoing corrosion can result in significantly higher maintenance and equipment replacement costs, reduced runtime, unscheduled outages, and lower product quality. Good steam condensate treatment can help minimize corrosion throughout the condensate system and drive overall productivity with less maintenance, downtime, and asset maintenance and repair costs.

Featured products:

  • Steamate PAS Series – Novel surface-adsorbed, volatile Polyamine technology combined with high-performance neutralizing amines for maximum system protection
  • Steamate LSA – Low-salt neutralizing amine and Polyamine product line designed specifically for the refining industry
  • Steamate NA – Broad suite of neutralizing amine for effective corrosion protection in a wide range of boiler systems
  • Steamate FM – Filmer corrosion inhibitors for physical barrier corrosion protection

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